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The most beautiful beaches in Sicily


Top ten coastlines in Sicily

Sicily is one of the most coveted destinations in Italy, thanks to its paradisiacal places that will pamper you during your well-deserved vacation. It's difficult to determine which are the most beautiful beaches in Sicily, but in this article, we want to talk about the ones that certainly deserve consideration for your next trip.

Amidst crystal-clear waters and natural reserves, here is a list of those not to be missed: numerous beaches for all preferences, charming villages overlooking the sea, from the most pristine coastlines to the well-equipped beaches with facilities for the most discerning travelers.

It's easy to fall in love with Sicily and its beauty: with its millennia-old culture, gastronomic traditions known worldwide, and paradisiacal spots like Mount Etna and the Alcantara Gorges, this island will enchant you throughout your stay, and you'll also be captivated by the hospitality of its inhabitants.


Guide to the most beautiful beaches in Sicily

In this article about the most beautiful beaches in Sicily, we will try to group together those that, in our opinion, deserve to be in the top 10 list. We know that the list could be much longer, but it would be impossible to include them all in a single article. Let's get started...


1. Cefalù


Located in the province of Palermo, it is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Situated at the base of a rocky promontory, Cefalù becomes a destination for thousands of tourists, both Italian and foreign, every summer. Its beaches are certainly among the most beautiful and characteristic in Sicily, with crystal-clear waters and golden sands that attract a large number of people who also explore its distinctive alleys.

Thanks to the numerous services provided by the beach facilities and the shallow seabed, this beach is ideal for families. During the summer evenings, this coastline becomes a meeting point for those in search of entertainment and trendy venues.

  USEFUL TIP: If you decide to go to Cefalù you cannot miss visiting the Cathedral. Dating back to 1131, this artistic and architectural wonder is famous for its beautifully mosaics preserved. In 2015, it was included in UNESCO's heritage list.


2. Calamosche


Calamosche is the most beautiful beach in the Vendicari Nature Reserve and nestles between two promontories on the east coast of Sicily. This slice of paradise is characterized by a gulf rich in coves and caves, and its crystal-clear sea is ideal for snorkeling.

The uniqueness of this place undoubtedly lies in the unspoiled nature you have to traverse to reach the beach. Since it's a natural reserve, the path must be covered on foot, and during the cooler hours, it's not tiring at all. In 2005, Legambiente's Blue Guide awarded it the title of the Most Beautiful Beach in Italy.


3. Isola Bella di Taormina


The infamous Isola Bella is a must-visit for those in the area. Nestled at the base of Taormina, this picturesque and enchanting islet captivates thousands of tourists every year. This wonderful bay is characterized by high rocky cliffs that plunge steeply into the sea.

Right in the center of this bay, there is this lush islet that is connected to the mainland by a strip of beach with a mix of sand and stones that appears and disappears with the tides. Located along the Mazzarò coast, the beach of Isola Bella is relatively small and characterized by pebbles and stones, making it less suitable for very young children.

The waters are crystal clear and shallow, while the rocky seabed offers a vibrant array of colors. The entrance to the beach is free, and it is equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds, with several restaurants in the vicinity.

  TIP:  If you decide to visit the Isola Bella Marine Park in Taormina, you can't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in a snorkeling adventure to admire the island's underwater fauna.


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4. Isola dei Conigli


The famous Isola dei Conigli is located on the southwest coast of Lampedusa. This islet is a gem within the Oriented Nature Reserve and is managed by Legambiente. Here, human presence is almost non-existent, allowing unspoiled nature to reign supreme: various bird species, marine turtles, lizards, seagulls, and more are some of the true protagonists of this coastline.

To reach the beach, you need to walk along a path for about 20 minutes, which is quite easy. About halfway along the path, you can already admire the intense color of the Tabaccara sea. Continuing a bit further, you'll find the characteristic, very fine and white beach of Isola dei Conigli.

Fun fact: Domenico Modugno spent his last moments of life here, calling this place "Piscina Di Dio" to describe the unique beauty of this spot.


5. Favignana


It is the largest island of the Egadi and possesses numerous beaches. The golden color of the coastline (about 33 km), the turquoise waters, coves, countless caves, numerous inlets, churches, and castles make this place pure poetry.

Thanks to the many inlets, many beaches are sheltered from the wind and are therefore very suitable for snorkeling. I would also like to add that the flat rocks are very convenient for visitor looking for alternative spots to the beach to enjoy the tranquility of the place.

Undoubtedly, the most picturesque beach is the one known as Cala Rossa, always the most famous. Its enchanting crystal-clear sea and the rocks where you can sunbathe make it the most popular. However, it is not recommended for those who cannot manage a long descent (children, the elderly, etc.).

If you have children, the recommended beaches are: Calamoni, Lido Burrone, Praia (near the town center), Cala Azzurra, and Cala Rotonda.


6. Scala dei Turchi


How can we not mention the famous Scala Dei Turchi among the most beautiful beaches in Sicily? Located in the province of Agrigento, this place boasts thousands of visitors each year. Its unique shape has been sculpted by waves and wind over millions of years.

The color of the rock is pure white, and its stepped walls offer natural seats for those who want to sunbathe on these entirely unique rocks in the world. Getting to this place is very simple for everyone (it's useful to have non-slip shoes), and there are several authorized parking lots.

After parking your car, you must walk along the provided path, and you'll immediately arrive at the beach. After a very short walk, you can admire its beauty in all its glory. This dazzling white jewel is surrounded by many beaches, such as Lido Rossello.


7. Mondello


Nestled between Monte Pellegrino and Monte Gallo, the beach of Mondello is undoubtedly one of the most popular beaches in Sicily.

Easily accessible, either on foot or by public transport, it's only 11 km from the center of Palermo. The beach features fine and very white sand, and the sea that bathes it is emerald and, at times, turquoise in color. The shallow seabed makes it suitable for everyone, including the little ones.

Along the coast, you can find numerous beach resorts (offering various water sports services), places to suit all budgets, yacht clubs, exclusive clubs, restaurants for all tastes, and much more. Today, Mondello is certainly the trendiest beach in Palermo, where many come to enjoy both the enchanting sea and the nightlife.

During the summer months, the beach can get quite crowded, so depending on your preferences, you can choose to visit during the off-season or venture to nearby beaches. Some of them are in a wild state, allowing you to enjoy the sea in solitude.

In this regard, we recommend the Capo Gallo Reserve, Isola delle Femmine, Sferracavallo (a marine village known for its excellent fixed-price fish restaurants), and Barcarello on the southern coast with its coral reef and limestone waterfront.


8. San Vito Lo Capo


San Vito Lo Capo is one of the most famous seaside resorts in the northern part of Sicily and is rightly among the most famous and beautiful beaches in all of Sicily. Its beauty is well-known, and the clear, fine beach is surrounded by Mediterranean scrubland.

This bay is located at the foot of Monte Monaco and is about 100 km from Palermo. Among its various beaches, a special mention goes to Bue Marino (considered the most beautiful in Italy by Legambiente) with its unspoiled nature and the Zingaro Reserve, a protected area characterized by an enchanting beach and a tourist village.

Don't miss a visit to the two caves: the Cave of the Horses and the Cave of Uzzo, with its tuna fishery of the same name. Not far from Caletta del Bue Marino, there's another little wonder to discover: the Isulidda beach, rich in caves, is ideal for those who want to explore the seabed with scuba diving and snorkeling.

For lovers of good food, we highly recommend waiting until September when San Vito hosts the annual couscous festival.


9. Fontane Bianche


Fontane Bianche beach is located about 15 km from Syracuse in the eastern part of Sicily. Characterized by a 3 km coastline, it is named after the multiple natural freshwater springs that flow along this area.

The whitest beaches, wild cliffs, and cobalt blue sea characterize this coastline with shallow waters. The beaches of Fontane Bianche are both free and private, and you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds, with bars, restaurants, and other services available.


10. Riserva dello Zingaro


The Zingaro Reserve is a magnificent stretch of protected coastline between San Vito Lo Capo and Scopello; those who love unspoiled nature cannot resist visiting it. The reserve is a world of its own, away from anything artificial, characterized by trails to explore and seven coves that can be reached on foot or by boat (in the case of Cala Del Varo.

To visit them, we recommend calculating the time for stops and returns. The first beach you come across is also the most crowded in the summer: Tonnarella Dell'Uzzo, which can be reached in a few minutes from the ticket office. The coves follow one another and include: Cala Torre dell'Uzzo, Cala Marinella, Cala Beretta, Cala della Disa, Cala Del Varo, and Cala della Capreria.

Summing it up briefly is not easy because there is much to say to describe the beauty of this Reserve, its pebble bays, the colors in shades of green and blue, the sharp rocks, the Mediterranean vegetation with its unparalleled scents and colors.

There are three routes along this coast, from the least challenging to the third reserved for the more athletic. Along the trails, you can stay in the Refuges, with permission requested in advance from the reserve.


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