What to see and do in Taormina
What to see and do in Taormina
Beautiful Taormina

Taormina: 10 things to see


Discover the most beautiful attractions

An undeniable jewel of Sicily, on par with world-famous destinations, Taormina is undoubtedly a corner of paradise visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Praised by poets and artists from around the world, Taormina is a blend of art, culture, natural beauty, culinary traditions, and much more. Located near Mount Etna, it perches on the cliffs overlooking the rocky coves of the Ionian coast, providing easy access to the primary attractions of eastern Sicily.


What to see and do in Taormina

In this guide, we will lead you to discover all the places you must not miss in this unique city, but there will also be suggestions on accommodations, dining, nightlife, and tips that will make a difference during your vacation in Taormina.


1. Isola Bella of Taormina


Isola Bella is undoubtedly the symbol of Taormina, as well as a nature reserve and protected area. This small, lush islet is also known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean for its unique features.

It is very easy to reach on foot from the beach since it is connected by a strip of land that can be more or less exposed depending on the tides. In any case, the water level will never exceed knee height.

Reaching the island is not complicated at all: you can easily get there by car (and use the paid parking lots), by public transportation, and if you're coming from Taormina, even by cable car. The entrance is a staircase that will lead you in front of the island.

You can visit it by paying the 4 euros per person ticket or 2 euros for reduced fares. We recommend taking advantage of the many excursion opportunities offered around the island, such as kayaking, kayak, snorkeling, boat tours and more.


2. Mount Etna


The famous volcano that dominates the entire eastern part of Sicily, is certainly a place to visit during your stay in Taormina. With its 3,357 meters in height, it offers a life experience that will forever seal the memories of your trip.

It's a sought-after destination for hiking enthusiasts, travelers exploring lunar landscapes, wine lovers eager to visit the best wineries, and everyone in between. Etna offers a wide range of possibilities for fully experiencing its wonders, catering to families with children and adults seeking more demanding adventures.

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3. Alcantara Gorges


  Entrance Ticket:The entrance ticket from the public stairs costs €1.50.

  Opening Hours:: : From 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Located about 45 minutes from Taormina, a must-visit you shouldn't miss is the Alcantara Gorges: a basaltic rock canyon consisting of long, prism-shaped columns rising as high as 30 meters, with the cold waters of the Alcantara River flowing within .

Easily accessible by both private and public transportation, these majestic gorges offer extraordinary beauty that deserves to be thoroughly experienced through recreational activities conducted within the canyon.

Inside the Alcantara Gorges River Park, you can have fun by choosing one of the many aquatic adventures available, such as river trekking or body rafting.

  USEFUL TIP: Bring a pair of water shoes for walking inside the Alcantara Gorges canyon.


4.Greek Theater of Taormina


Indirizzo:Address: Via del Teatro Greco, 1, 98039 Taormina.

The Greek Theater of Taormina is, without a doubt, the most famous, impressive, and strategically located architectural masterpiece in this town. From its highest steps, you can admire the extraordinary Mount Etna in its entirety, the Ionian Sea, and even the coasts of Calabria and Catania on the horizon.

Likely of Hellenistic origins and built in the 3rd century BCE, it was later modified by others, and its present appearance is entirely in the Roman style. Located right in the center, a visit to this enchanting place is a must. You will be captivated by its timeless charm.

During the summer, it hosts major cultural events, theater performances, dance shows, and film screenings.



5. Taormina Cathedral


Indirizzo: Address: Piazza Duomo, 98039 Taormina.

Taormina Cathedral is a medieval architectural masterpiece located near Porta Catania on Corso Umberto. Its crenellations give it the appearance of a fortress, and inside, you can find works from the Byzantine, Renaissance, and Baroque periods.

In front of the main entrance you can admire the 17th century Baroque style fountain, that is, the crowned centaur who holds the scepter of command in one hand and holds the world in the other.


6. Corvaja Palace


Address: : Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, Taormina.

Corvaja Palace is located at the end of Corso Umberto, near Porta Messina. It is an ancient palace with roots dating back to the 11th century when a cube-shaped tower was erected.

Over the centuries, it was expanded to assume its present-day configuration. In 1411, it served as the seat of the Sicilian Parliament and was later inhabited by the powerful Corvaja family. After a long period of neglect, it was restored by the Municipality of Taormina and now houses the Autonomous Tourist Board.


7. Municipal Villa


  Address:: Via Bagnoli Croci, Taormina.

  Opening hours:: From 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

  Ticket: Free


A marvelous balcony overlooking the Ionian coast and Mount Etna, the gardens of Municipal Villa are a concentration of greenery: plants, shrubs, palms, and a wide variety of flowers take center stage in this peaceful corner.

The villa was originally built by the Scottish noblewoman Lady Florence Trevelyan, who married Taormina's mayor, Prof. Cacciola. Inside, in addition to the floral wonders, you can still admire peculiar ornamental constructions known as Victorian follies. In 1922, it became the property of the municipality.


8. Umberto Street


Umberto Street is the main street of Taormina. Bounded to the south by Porta Catania and to the north by Porta Messina, it's the heart of the town. Along this historic town center street, you can find numerous restaurants, pubs, high-end shops, jewelers, antique shops, historical boutiques, delis, pastry shops, and many narrow alleys leading to the most beautiful hidden corners of Taormina.

Two squares open up on Corso Umberto: Piazza Duomo and Piazza IX Aprile, with its breathtaking view of the Gulf of Giardini Naxos and Mount Etna. Various street artists can be found in the squares, and, if you wish, they can create a beautiful portrait in no time.

In the evening, it comes alive with nightlife, where you can enjoy excellent cocktails, dance, participate in events, or simply relax after a day in the sun.


9. Madonna Rocca Church


Perched on the highest point in Taormina, there stands a very special little church, built inside the rock. You can reach it by climbing a staircase with 300 steps or by your own car via the Circumvallation road.

This charming church was founded around 1640, and its origins are linked to a legend that tells of the apparition of the Madonna to a shepherd boy seeking shelter on a stormy night. Next to the church, there is a small monastery that is still unused.

If you have some extra time to spare, I recommend visiting it. The panoramic view that will unfold before your eyes is extraordinarily beautiful and unique.


Sleeping and Dining


In Taormina, there's a wide range of accommodation options to choose from, including luxury hotels, more modest lodgings, bed and breakfasts, and apartments. It's crucial to determine based on your plans whether you want to stay near the sea (in which case, I recommend a location close to Taormina that will likely be more budget-friendly) or stay in the historic center and reach the beach later.

Along the coast very close to Taormina, you can choose from Mazzarò (Taormina Mare), Giardini Naxos, and Letojanni. It's always a good idea to book well in advance to find the best rates and more affordable prices. Regarding dining, you'll be enchanted by the aromas wafting from every corner of the town. There are plenty of dining options even in the alleys branching off from the center.

Dishes based on seafood are certainly the stars of the typical tradition. Don't miss the first courses with seafood and the fish-based second courses flavored with "pinzimonio," made of oil, oregano, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and garlic. To conclude your meal excellently, there's nothing better than a Sicilian cannolo with ricotta or a dessert made with almonds and pistachio.

I particularly recommend the ultimate cannoli shop in Taormina, which is located just steps away from Porta Catania: La Pignola Guinness Cannoli, Viale Apollo Arcageta 15, Taormina.


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